Allisa Gordon
Health Careers Coordinator

The Health Careers Coordinator is responsible for recruiting individuals into Health Care Professions in 39 counties. She collaborates with middle and high schools, as well as colleges and non-academic youth organizations to develop and implement programs designed to encourage individuals to explore and pursue health careers in Georgia. The Health Careers Coordinator gives classroom presentations, sponsors career fairs and health career camps. In addition, she provides individualized counseling service to those who have an interest in health careers.

Ashley Paine
Preceptor Coordinator

The Preceptor Coordinator is responsible for providing quality community based clinical training experiences for health profession students. Community-based training gives students an opportunity to have a better understanding of the complex needs of underserved communities in southeast Georgia. The Preceptor Coordinator also coordinates student logistics such as identifying and assisting with developing training sites and she also keeps open and ongoing communication with academic institutions, hospitals, and private physician practices to maintain collaborative partnerships to improve program delivery.

Jane Nester, Dr. PH
Executive Director

The Executive Director manages all administrative aspects of the center including strategic/long range planning, human resource/staff considerations, needs assessments and cooperative partnerships. Through the development of working relationships with education institutions, hospitals, public health departments, community health centers, private practice health care providers, and consumers in the region the center director establishes partnerships and collaborative efforts in carrying out the mission of Magnolia Coastlands AHEC.

Phone: (912) 478-0371

Rachel Kirkland
Student Support Coordinator

Works hand in hand with the Preceptor Coordinator to provide student support. While giving students a valuable opportunity to experience health care in a real world setting and interact one-on-one with their future patient population through community based training, the Student Support Coordinator helps provide housing and other accommodations for the students on site.

Phone: (912) 478-1590

Valerie Embry
Coordinator of Continuing Education and Special Projects

The Continuing Education Coordinator collaborates and partners with medical schools, universities, hospitals, and other health professional organizations. These partnerships bring high quality continuing education to healthcare professionals to help maintain licensing and certification requirements. A primary goal of the Continuing Education Coordinator is to make continuing education accessible and affordable. Also coordinates the web based events via HealthTecdl, a Georgia statewide distance learning program designed to support health professionals and strengthen services provided by nonprofit health organizations in Georgia.

Phone: (912) 478-1050