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Health Careers

“For a while, I wondered what exactly made me choose Georgia Southern. I was accepted into and offered scholarships to other schools, but something told me to choose Southern. I wondered for a while if I made the right decision or not and even contemplated transferring. I am glad that I did not, however, because Georgia Southern has given me many fantastic experiences. One of my most cherished experiences is the Magnolia Coastlands AHEC Job Shadowing Program. I knew it was difficult to shadow doctors, as I have tried to do so on my own to no avail. As it turns out, I am not alone in my struggle to attain the pertinent clinical shadowing hours needed for medical schools; I met one promising candidate from a prominent school (Georgia Tech) in a pre-med summer program that could not attain any at all on her own. However, the Magnolia Coastlands AHEC Job Shadowing Program corrected that problem for me. They scheduled hours that could fit into my schedule, selected places that were within walking distance (as I do not have a car), and provided warm support throughout it all. Furthermore, I attained clinical shadowing hours in a medically underserved area of Georgia which fueled my desire to work in such an area in the future. Overall, it has been a wonderful journey with even greater people. I cannot thank Magnolia Coastlands AHEC enough for such an opportunity. It did not simply make my time at Georgia Southern worthwhile–it made me realize that I was meant to be here. Thank you,”

– Job Shadowing Student, Bulloch County

“I want to thank you for all that you have done for HOSA over the past few years. I am glad that the Health Careers Club has chosen me for the scholarship. Because of you, I have been determined to go to school to become something in the medical field. I hope that you keep inspiring people to go out and go into the medical field.”

– HOSA Student, Bulloch County

“The past four days have been an incredible experience. I really enjoyed the camp and all the activities we were able to participate in. The camp was much better than I had previously assumed, and will definitely recommend it to other students at my school. I am especially grateful for the opportunity to visit Mercer’s medical school campus at Savannah. After hearing the panel discussion, my decision to enter the medical field was enforced and I am absolutely sure I want to enter medicine now.”

– High school student, Candler County

“I really enjoyed this program and am very thankful for this opportunity from AHEC! This experience will definitely help me stand out in applying to medical school. All of the doctors were very insightful!”

Georgia Southern University Pre-med Student, Bulloch County

Clinical Training

“I would like to thank you for providing me with housing for my doctoral preceptorship. Because of your service, I was able to partake in an experience that I normally wouldn’t have considered due to the distance. Your free housing allowed me to focus on my experience, and not worry about where I was going to stay. Your organization is valuable to students, and I hope you continue to serve in the coming years.”

Public Health Graduate Student, Ware County

“You are wonderful!!!! Thank you so much!!! You do not know how much it means to me to stay close to Warner Robins in January. I really appreciate all of your help. I could not have made it through 3rd and 4th year without you.”

– PCOM-D.O. Student, Houston County

“You are wonderful!!!! Thank you so much!!! You do not know how much it means to me to stay close to Warner Robins in January. I really appreciate all of your help. I could not have made it through 3rd and 4th year without you.”

– PCOM-D.O. Student, Houston County

Continuing Education

Through your expertise and collaboration we were able to connect with rural practitioners in the state of Georgia and beyond to provide a comprehensive overview of the disease of MS and its psychosocial implications. I want you to know that the Magnolia Coastlands/MS Society partnership that made these webinars possible has become a model for how the Society and AHECs can work together on these educational opportunities. We are building on our success with Magnolia Coastlands to pursue collaborative opportunities with other AHECs around the country.”

– Vice President, Continuum of Care Initiatives

Educational Resources

“The Careers in healthcare website is a wonderful resource for the classroom. Our class has watched the GSU simulation lab video and we plan to watch all of the healthcare professional interviews and tours when we begin our healthcare careers unit of study. These videos are like mini field trips…they allow us to get information from various healthcare professionals as well as visit different facilities without ever leaving the classroom; this is very helpful since field trips are expensive and require time away from school. I hope that more professional interviews and tours will be offered in the future!!”

-Healthcare Science Teacher, HOSA Advisor, Bulloch County

Community  Partnerships

“Thank you once again for all your help in steering me in the right direction for the Medical Van Ministry. Without your assistance and information, I would have never found the doctors, PA’s, and Nurse Practitioners I needed for the Medical Van. I look forward to working with you again next year.”

– Clinic Coordinator, Evans County

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